Montgomery Beavers

Montgomery Beavers meet every Friday evening between 6.00 p.m. and 7.15 p.m. during term time. Our section leaders are Lisa Kinahan (Badger,, Hettie Chapman (Kite), Paul Smith (Panda), Torsten Arndt (Wolf) and Andy Browne (Merlin). James, Olly and Harry are our young leaders.

Montgomery Beavers Olympic Camp

We enjoy time outdoors and having fun. We rely on volunteer helpers who include parents. We have a lively group and learn scouting skills in a way that is safe in a controlled risk taking way. We go on walks, play games, make models from junk, enjoy healthy living, do sports, take part in district and county events, go on trips and have fantastic themed sleep-overs and camps.

When asked what their favourite activity this year was the Beavers said:
1. Kayaking
2. Sleepovers
3. Swimming
4. Gunging Badger

We involve the young people in activity planning so they decide what we do in a term.

An example of this was our Olympic Camp in the summer (above) which was sport themed.