Explorer Scouts are 14–18 years old. We meet up every Friday night from 8 – 10pm & almost always spend the evening outdoors. We have our own mini-bus so are free to roam. We have lots of weekend & overnight activities too.

explorers_2As part of the Scout Movement there is a balanced & varied programme which the Explorers are helped to draw up themselves.

What the Explorers say…..

-“Explorers generate the ideas & create what the group is & what it does.”
-“We do so much mucked up stuff.”
-“Although there are Leaders, the Explorers are really in charge.”
-“You can be flexible about what you do & when so it fits in with the other stuff in your life.”
– “Creative Genius.”
– “Fun Friday Nights outdoors.”

What another Section Leader says…..

“Explorers, though they would probably deny it, provide support to other sections, develop leadership skills and are positive role models to the younger sections of the district scout groups.”